Legal Questions Answered
13 de janeiro de 2024
Legal Matters: From Witness Statements to Contract Obligations
13 de janeiro de 2024

Legal Jargon: Understanding the Legalese of Everyday Life

Yo, listen up, I got something to say,

Legal jargon in everyday life, it’s here to stay,

From vehicle lease to own agreement forms, it’s all in the mix,

And out of court settlements, we can’t fix,

But is it legal? Can we do it, man?

What’s the legal limit for alcohol in NY? I’m a fan,

Of the law, I mean, not the alcohol, that’s for sure,

Let’s talk about the IAM United Fleet Service contract, let’s get mature,

And what about those labor union contract negotiations? They can be tricky,

But with the right guidance, we can all be picky,

Oh, and don’t forget about the AKC paper registration form, for your dog,

And mobile sports betting in Florida, is it legal in the fog?

Let’s not forget the legal definition of bond, it’s more than just a word,

And the bent rule in chemistry, it’s just absurd,

But we can’t forget about those contracts of loan, they’re important for sure,

So let’s stay informed, and keep it pure.